Women's Importance in Sports

The participation of women and gis in sports, physical fitness and exercise, has been recorded to have existed throughout history. However, participation rates and activities vary in accordance with nation, era, geography, and stage of economic development. While initially occurring informally, the modern era of organized sports did not begin to emerge either for men or women until the late industrial age.

For example even it wasn’t so common, women have been included in sports since ancient Greece. In the gladiator fights, there were a few women warriors. They were the symbols for the power of women. Also in the first olympics in ancient greece, there were women contestants. Then as the time passed, womens percentage in sports had increased a lot. In europe, women started to get included in common sports like football, and athletics. The modern Olympics had female competitors from 1900 onward, though women at first participated in considerably fewer events than men. Women first made their appearance in the Olympic Games in Paris in 1900. That year, 22 women competed in tennis, sailing, croquet, equestrian, and golf.

Here are some of the most famous female athletes in 21st century:

  • Serena williams (Tennis)

  • Caster Semanya (Athletes)

  • Megan Rapinoe (Football)

  • Annika Sörenstam (Golf)


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