What Purpose Should You Have as a Leader?

Let’s start with how a leader would succeed. First of all, to be able to succeed, you have to know your Purpose For Existing, also called PFE. In every second you live, your main goal needs to be fulfilling your PFE. Second, if you are a leader, then you should keep in mind that your employees do not work for you, they work with you. And you have to determine which spot is appropriate for them, which means that you have to find out their talent. Even though you have to find out their talent, it is also very important that both your companies, and your employees' Purpose For Existing have to be oriented and on the same path. It would be ridiculous to hire someone who wants to sell apples, whereas your company sells pears. Another thing is that “Fear leads to failure, and fearlessness leads to success.”, you should always stay positive and never fear your rivals or things that you can’t or couldn’t do. Instead, think the way as if you learned something that you shall not do. Remember that people can solve any problem by thinking and creating ideas, but they need to know the rules and resistances. For instance, when people are given a task, and after weeks presenting the output to a senior person, they get informed that they should change their way of doing something, even though they weren’t informed about anything at the very first beginning. This leads to demoralization of your employees and they get afraid of doing a task, or coming up with an interesting idea. Talented people do not need someone watching their behavior, they get stressed and can’t do their job properly because someone is watching them. Leave them alone and let them do their job. They do their job properly and greatly, because they like what they do. Everything in your company should come from the roots of your PFE and Big Five For Life(5 things important and worthy for you, that you want to achieve in your life), your employees should work with you because they can fulfill their PFE and BFFL in your company, collaborating also to fulfill the PFE of the company, they should not work with you because they like their job. There are many other places that can give the same job to them. But your company is special because it has a PFE and it is on the same path with EVERY employee that works with you. One wrong belief is that “Too many leaders think that the harder you drive people, the more they will do, and therefore the higher the profits will be. They also think that the more satisfied people are, the less someone must be driving them, and therefore profits will be less. The truth is, if you have to drive people that hard to do their job, then you’ve either got the wrong people, or you’ve got the right people doing the wrong job.”(Strelecky, Big Five For Life 217). When companies that (A) hired not on a job fit, but on how a person would fit with the company’s culture, (B) didn’t micromanage, but instead gave people the greater autonomy and let them manage themselves, and (C) motivated not through money, but by creating a “family like'' environment, were compared to companies that did the opposite of those three, they had 22 percent higher sales growth, 23 percent higher profit growth, and 67 percent lower employee attrition. Two big factors impact profits as they relate to people. The first one is productivity---how effective people are. The second is attrition---how often people quit and therefore need to be replaced. Another thing is, if you want to be a CEO, you have to be able to figure out if C+E<O. C is for cost, E is for effort, and O is for output. Most people get hung up on the C and E and never look at the O. They only focus on the left side of the equation. The next point is that without profits a company can’t function. If a company can’t function, nobody gets paid and no matter how fulfilled they are, the people won’t be able to stick around long. Soon after you will have no people, no products, no customers, and no company. Even no PFE. Everyone’s then a loser. But if the company is always profitable, then the people can get paid for doing things that fulfill them, the customers are happy, and everyone’s a winner. Last but not least, if people can be successful doing things they don’t really care about, then they should be wildly successful at something that actually matters to them. And if they are wildly successful, the company will be too, which means big profits and big successes all the way around. Do not forget that business is not only producing and selling goods, it is fulfilling your PFE, because you chose to fulfill your life in that way. This philosophy exists for everything in life.


Ali Yetgin