What Is The Glitchcore Trend?

TikTok, which is rapidly rising social media platform, makes new additions to our fashion terms. Glitchcore is one of the new concepts that we are introduced to by Tiktok. When we look at it as a word meaning, "glitch" is translated into a short-term error in a system. Like those colorful pixelated errors that computer screens give... With the trend, which has become a modern interpretation of keeping up with the digital age, designers greet the 2022 Spring/Summer season by creating patterns that imitate the visuals of computer errors. Balenciaga is one of the biggest brands that apply this trend to their designs.

Bera Çağıl Karalı

By the time, generation Z is taking control of the trends, most of the brands work to appeal to the young generation. Designers are forming a new "Glitchcore" collection until the 2022 Spring/Summer seasons. Their inspiration is copying computer errors and infinite combinations of colours. Even though generation Z could not see the trends of the 90's and 2000’s, they don't miss the chance to bring back old school trends in the favour of TikTok!

Zeynep Erol