What Does an Athlete Eat In a Day?

“What is good for our body to eat in a day?” - “How to decide whether a food is good for an athlete's body or not?”

People eat so many things during the day. But most of them are the nutritions that we choose based on our taste which isn’t usually the most healthy one. Then how do we choose healthy food for our body? Foods which has vitamins are mostly preferred for the human body to stay in form and healthy. If you are an athlete, then you should choose food that you can gain carbohydrates and proteins. Because your body will be in need of some energy source. Some examples of good nutrients are vegetables and fruits for vitamins, meat and milk are good for proteins. And for carbohydrates, rice and pasta are some good options.

Daily Nutrition List For Athletes


-4 whole-wheat bread and 3 slices of cheddar cheese

-3 whole eggs and butter omelet

-10 unsalted olives with 1 cup of green tea

-1 tablespoon of natural peanut butter or raspberry jam, depending on exercise intensity

-Tomato or cucumber


-1 portion of medium fruit(apple, Orange…) 30 grams of oats, and 1 glass of milk.


-Vegetable of one portion and 200 300 grams of grilled chicken.

-Rice, Yoghurt.

Second Snacks

-Chosen legumes.

-Five spoons of rice.

-150 200 grams of grilled meatball and salad.

(2-2.5 Litres of water is ideal during the day.)

Do sports matter in eating habits?

Of course, they do. Nutritions should be harmonious with the sport you do. For example, a weightlifter and a runner can’t eat the same things during the day. A weightlifter should get more protein because their usage of their muscles is more active. Proteins are the materials that do the recovery for the body. When weightlifters train, they need proteins to recover the muscle damage and help them grow up. But a runner should eat more carbohydrate-based because they use mostly the energy instead of their muscle power. If you just observe the bodies of the athletes you can actually tell that they don’t need to grow their muscles up.


Supplements are mostly used as supporters for the body. But most doctors say that little amount of them will have no harm to the body and can be good for the athletes. As an athlete, I don recommend supplements because we can get all the nutrients we need from daily normal foods.

Of course, athletes don’t always eat and chose healthy foods. But also they don’t need professionals to eat healthily. An individual can decide which food is healthy by themselves. Healthy food choice is not obligatory but we can see the difference between a sportsman that eats healthy and one who does not. So as a conclusion, healthy foods are good for our body and should be eaten. Athletes should choose their nutrients wisely.


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