What Are These “Humanoid Robots”? The Latest News About Them

Technology in the century we live in has developed a lot, especially in the last decade. Many technological advancements are being made by scientists and engineers. Today’s topic is “humanoid robots” which basically means a robot resembling the human body in shape. But why would engineers and scientists create such a robot?

Robots come in many shapes and sizes; yet, perhaps, the most interesting, endearing, and acceptable are the ones that resemble us, humans. Engineers say that the reason behind creating robots that look like humans is to form an interaction with people; the human face is a very high-bandwidth communication tool they say. Some humanoid robots have been designed and produced for this purpose, but they were not quite good in their appearance.

The latest humanoid, named Ameca, is manufactured by Engineered Arts, a UK-based designer, and manufacturer of humanoid robots. Recently, they published a video on YouTube including Ameca’s incredible human-like facial expressions. Ameca wakes up at the beginning of the video as it’s programmed to wake up when someone snaps a finger. First of all, the robot looks confused and frustrated; but after looking at its hands and arms, it changes to amazement. At the end of the video, Ameca smiles and thrusts out a hand towards the viewers. Nevertheless, Ameca cannot walk, do parkour as Boston Dynamics’ robot, Atlas does.

Probably, Ameca is not going to be used in doing specific jobs as other robots do, since Engineered Arts focuses on creating robots for entertainment. I hope we can see Ameca doing human-like kind of movements and better expressions on its face in the future, but it seems we won’t see these anytime soon.


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