Welcome, 2022! Hopefully, a Healthier Year

Healthy New Year!: We have left a full year filled with Covid-19 behind us. In 2020, we were still adapting to a drastic and major change caused by Coronavirus however, 2021 was different for all of us. We learned how to cope with a pandemic, we became stronger, our lives changed in a way that is difficult to describe. We really assimilated the fact that health is the most valuable thing in life nevertheless some people still haven’t comprehended the severity of the situation. Covid-19 isn’t going anywhere just yet however they seem to have the impression that just because we are dealing with this virus for almost 2 years that it’s going away.

Don’t Let Go: The cases are getting more severe by the day. 8,000+ US flights have been canceled, The West Bengal government is shutting the schools starting this Monday, and the secondary school students in England started wearing masks again all due to the Omicron variant. While these are happening, don’t forget to still take precautions, wear a mask and keep your distance! If you are doing those things and feel helpless during these tough times being optimistic and creating new year’s resolutions to be healthier this year might help you.

Resolutions: Resolutions are a Western tradition that is simply written clauses to accomplish a goal or change a trait of yourself that you dislike. Here are some new year’s resolutions that can improve your health.

  • Start eating healthier

  • Create a suitable diet for yourself

  • Start exercising, go to the gym

  • Quit smoking

  • Get closer to nature

  • Take care of your mental health

  • Reduce drinking


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