The Unexpected Harmony of Silver and Gold Jewelry

There have been some specific rules in the fashion world for many years. Such as brown and black’s disharmony or using different figures together. Nevertheless, these commandments started to disappear with changing perspectives in the twenty-first century. Combining gold and silver accessories are one of them. As a result, that fashion ensures people’s free zone and successfully gathers these unrelated two pieces of jewelry.

Zeynep Erol

There are no regulations or formulas to mix&match these two different accessories. With the help of the new trend, people can combine gold and silver according to their imagination and liking. For instance, you can wear a couple of necklaces that contain different shades of silver and gold or wear earrings side by side to highlight the two metals. All of these combinations can apply to rings, bracelets, anklets… depending on your preference. Moreover, the selected accessories can create a bohemian vibe if you like. Besides mixing separate silver and gold jewelry, you can also find the versions of already combined ones in the jewelry stores nowadays. Consider making this trend the new star of your jewelry collection.

Bera Çağıl Karalı


Images: Aureum Collective, @haileybieber - collaboration with Tiffany & Co.