The Sweet Pleasure of Curiosity

Bicurious is the term for someone who typically has sex with one gender but is curious about having sex with a different gender. The term is often used for people who identify as heterosexual and are curious to explore a same-sex relationship or sexual experience.

“Heteroflexible” is another term similar to bicurious. However, heteroflexible specifically refers to people who identify as heterosexual and may be open to same-sex relationships. Bicurious may refer to it, but it can also be used for people who identify as gay and are curious about heterosexual relationships.

Some people believe the term bicurious is discriminatory because it implies that you must have sexual experience before you can claim to be bisexual. However, others believe bicurious is a useful term for those researching their sexual orientation.

Bisexual people are attracted to both men and women and make up more than half of the LGBTQ community. But even though bisexual people know that they are sexually attracted to both genders, those who identify as bi may still be navigating their sexuality.

Sometimes people who self-identify as bicurious eventually identify as bisexual. Other times, people who self-identify as bicurious will learn that they enjoy sexual relations with only one gender and identify as gay or heterosexual.

Realizing that you might be attracted to another gender can come at any stage in your life. Some people notice this in middle school or high school before they even have sex; others may be married or in long-term relationships. As a result, it is not necessary to label yourself, tags only help to find community and describe how you feel, but are not mandatory. Don't be confused if you're feeling both sexual and romantic feelings as a result of a same-sex partner when you spent your life as heterosexual, because we live in this world to feel, and if your feelings are real, you don't need to be confused.


Beril Esen