The Rise of the Secondhand Pieces

Fashion is an inevitably self-renewing sector. It is developing and bringing new concepts to our lives day by day. Owing to the pandemic, the fashion industry has constituted its way for the good of the world’s future. Vintage and aged pieces become more demanded after the rise of online shopping and the growth of the secondhand market.

The phenomenon of pre-owned or vintage clothes provides consumers to recall the worth of former trends and values.

Zeynep Erol

With the rapidly developing technology in the last decade, online platforms have created a large customer base in the second-hand fashion market. The second-hand clothing trend has gained a strong place in the market as an economical and sustainable alternative, especially after Covid-19. ThredUP, which it is running in partnership with GlobalData, has released its 2021 Resale Report. According to the report, the second-hand fashion market, which is expected to be twice the size of fast fashion by 2030, will grow much faster than traditional retail in the next 10 years.

Bera Çağıl Karalı


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