The New Threat: Omicron

A new Covid-19 variant called “Omicron Variant’ has shown its head in Africa these past days. Only 6% of Africa is vaccinated so far and it was a very suitable setting for a new variant to suddenly emerge. The Omicron virus seems to be more transmissible however doesn’t necessarily cause a worse disease than the other variants we have seen before. Moreover, we must stress that there is very little information about it so far. Scientists worldwide are working very hard to gather more. A number of countries such as Japan, the US, Canada, and Turkey have banned travel from Africa. The cases of the new variant have been confirmed in 8 countries such as South Africa, Namibia, and more. No cases have been confirmed in the US and the European officials expressed that there is a high risk that the variant will start spreading rapidly in Europe. WHO (World Health Organization) and Africa CDC(Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention ) don’t believe the travel bans are the most effective measure to be taken to prevent this virus. Recently, 41 Turkish citizens were evacuated from Africa and landed in İstanbul via Turkish Airlines. Regardless of their vaccination situation, they will spend 14 days in quarantine. A negative Covid test will be necessary after this quarantine.


Müge Cıllı