The Mystery of Forger Vaccination Card Is Solved

A strange incident has been unraveled by the Sufflok County Police in New York State. A nurse ,Julie DeVuono(49), who has been anti-vax for years and owns Wild Child Pediatric Healthcare in Amityville which advertised “vaccine exemption workshops” and her partner in crime/employee, Marissa Urraro(44), were arrested for second-degree forgery for selling fake vaccination cards and entering them to the state database.

The authoruties found out that they charged 85$ for children and 220$ for adults. The scheme that has been going on from November to January has led them to gaining a profit of 1.5$ in total. They found DeVuono’s ledger that gave the authorities some of the financial information about this forgery.

Urraro’s lawyer said that she had entered a plea of not guilty and this one mistake shouldn’t overshadow all of the help she has given in the medical field during her carreer. “As nurses, these two individuals should understand the importance of legitimate vaccination cards as we all work together to protect public health,” Suffolk County N.Y., Police Commissioner Rodney K. Harrison mentioned in a statement.

Yvonne Gamble from the Office of Inspector General at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said that the schemes that involve fake vaccination cards, like damages the efforts to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.. “The proliferation of fake Covid-19 vaccination cards can jeopardize efforts to address the ongoing public health emergency. Therefore, we encourage the public to obtain valid proof of Covid-19 vaccination from their administering medical providers instead of creating fake vaccination cards or purchasing them from unauthorized sources.”


Müge Cıllı