The Holidays: Mental Health Break or Breaks the Mental Health?

The Holidays!: The Holiday season is upon us. Who doesn’t love the smell of the grass after rain or the cozy feeling you get when you drink a cup of hot coffee at your home looking at your Christmas tree? The holidays give the last bit of motivation to people in December. Even though the concept of it seems perfect, the holiday season may damage your mental health.

Impact on mental health: The Holidays can be a very triggering time for people who are suffering from mental health issues. The studies show that mental health issues increase %64 percent during these times. %66 of the people who took the survey stated that they feel lonely and almost half of the people don’t have the opportunity to spend the holidays with their loved ones. Here are some suggestions to manage your mental health this December:

  • Put aside time for yourself: don’t feel pressure to satisfy people. Say no to leave some time for yourself.

  • Do something you love regularly: Your hobbies are the things that make you happy. Be in touch with your happy place.

  • Be in communication with your loved ones: Your loved ones will cure your loneliness. They are here for you!

  • Watch your comfort movie&show: you may relate to a character that goes through similar things. Building empathy is important.


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