Tesla Taxi Project Suspended After a Fatal Accident

A Tesla used as a taxi crashed in Paris, the capital of France. After the accident in which one person died, the G7 company, where the vehicle was working, dismissed the Teslas in its fleet until the end of the examination.

In the accident that took place at the end of the week, 1 person died and 20 people were injured. The driver said he had braked the car, but the Tesla accelerated instead of stopping. In the statement made by Tesla, it was stated that the first examinations showed that there was no technical malfunction. Plus, we still don’t know if it was caused by the driver of the car. It was reported that Tesla launched a large-scale investigation on the subject. G7 is one of the biggest taxi companies in Paris. The company has 9,000 drivers and half of the vehicles in the G7's fleet are electric or hybrid cars.


Alpartun Günhan