Pretty Girl

Associated with soft, intimate vocals, daydreamy atmosphere, and rumination, Clairo is the stage name of singer/songwriter Claire Cottrill. She had a minor viral hit with 2017's "Pretty Girl," and a bigger one with "Flaming Hot Cheetos,". Officially dropping the "bedroom" from bedroom pop, Clairo made her full-length debut with the Rostam-co-produced Immunity in 2019. Her more richly arranged sophomore album, 2021's Sling, was co-produced with Jack Antonoff.

When Clairo first took the stage in 2017, she caught the attention of millions with the deep emotions she felt in her songs. The Georgian-born singer talked about everything from love to heartbreak to personal health struggles on her debut album “Immunity.” She embraced her fans by taking difficult topics and turning them into songs. One of these conversations is the beauty of love between two women. While Clairo doesn't like to label her sexuality, she's positive that she's not straight. In 2019, she told, “I’m having my gay sob right now, where I’m just letting all my emotions out and finally crying from that experience when I was twelve years old, ‘Why are girls so hot?’” at Out. Her willingness to be honest about her sexuality has comforted many women who are going through the same thing, myself included. Clairo writes and sings with a distinct purity of pure and intense love between two women. “A heterosexual man wouldn't be able to understand the same way how he sings about women. While the fan base isn't exclusive to these identities, it feels so good for queer women." With an army of queer fans behind her, Clairo unleashes a wave of acceptance and vulnerability rarely seen in the music industry. By using music as an outlet to express their feelings, she gave millions of people the freedom to feel they could do the same.


Beril Esen