Oil Facilities Are Hit By Cyber-Attacks

Multiple oil transport and storage companies across Europe are dealing with cyber-attacks. IT systems have been disrupted at Oiltanking in Germany, SEA-Invest in Belgium and Evos in the Netherlands. In total dozens of terminals with oil storage and transport around the world have been affected, with firms reporting that the attacks occurred over the weekend. Belgian prosecutors say they are investigating the cyber-attack that's affected SEA-Invest terminals including the company's largest in Antwerp, called SEA-Tank.

The spokeswoman said SEA-Invest is aware of the cyber-attacks against other companies but investigations have not determined if there is a link. The company was forced to operate at a "limited capacity" and was investigating the incident, it said. Some reports suggest the attack on Oiltanking is ransomware, where hackers scramble data and make computer systems inoperable until they get paid a ransom. In May last year a ransomware attack on US oil supplier Colonial Pipeline saw supplies tighten across the US and multiple states declaring an emergency.

An employee of a major barging company in the Netherlands told the BBC that port supply chains were disrupted. But cyber-security experts caution against jumping to the conclusion that the multiple incidents are the result of a coordinated effort to disrupt the European energy sector.


Ali Yetgin