New Trend Alert: Dopamine Dressing!

Dopamine is one of the essential hormones in the human body. Dopamine hormone; is also known as the feeling good, and motivation hormone. Due to its moral-booster characteristic, it easily finds its place in the fashion industry. “Dopamine Dressing”, is a trend that basically makes people feel good, when they wear unique, unordinary pieces of clothing. This trend brings along an optimistic vibe while it forms a bold style.


Zeynep Erol

This trend creates a new and joyful vibe on the streets. Nowadays, besides tracksuits or simple dressing, people want to wear something more different than usual. At that point, Dopamine Dressing takes the lead. Thanks to the 2022 Spring/Summer Copenhagen Fashion Week, the show brings back the dynamic and colorful street looks that people missed. Dopamine Dressing also shows itself in 2022 Fall/Winter collections, to prove that this trend does not belong to a certain period. Maybe it is not possible to apply this trend every day however we can try to use this style ​as a source of happiness.


Bera Çağıl Karalı


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