NBA Excitement Still Continues!

Last week has been busy because of the matches. Currently, Miami Heat is the first in East Conference with a huge comeback. Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers are following them with 37 and 35 wins. Miami Heat is on a 5 win streak and the Bulls again following them again with 4 win streak. In West Conference, Phoneix Suns are the first one with 46 wins. Warriors are the second with 42 and Grizzlies are the third with 40 wins. Suns have a 5-win streak. Besides these James Harden is taken out from the ALL-STAR program because of the injury he has. Also his former team Houston Rockets are talking about retiring his jersey. In NBA retiring a jersey means that no player like him is coming in this team ever again so it is a really honorable thing for James Harden to experience.


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