MIUI 13 Is Finally Out! What’s New?

Coming with serious innovations, especially in terms of design, MIUI 13 also comes with high improvements in terms of optimization and performance. Here are all the innovations and features of Xiaomi's new Android 12-based interface.

Emphasizing performance with the new MIUI 13, Xiaomi promises an approximately 52 percent more efficient experience compared to MIUI 12. Besides, it closes some apps that we don’t usually use to reduce power consumption. The most important factor in MIUI 13’s smoothness is the support of “Focus Computing 2.0”. Not only does the system detect basic full-screen movements, but third-party apps provide quick optimization.

Moreover, working on improving security, Xiaomi introduced a new system called “electronic fraud protection”. Based on three steps; this system records the other physical features of users, such as the upper part of their body besides their face. Thus, even people with similar faces as yours cannot open your phone.

At the same time, introducing new security features, the company promises that it is more secure than MIUI 12.5 when sending information such as ID card photos and credit card information. These recently added security features remind users of the options Apple brought with iOS 15.


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