Love is too beautiful to hate

LGBTQIA+ is a comprehensive term used to refer to a community of people and their allies in unison that show affection in manners rather than heterosexuality. LGBTQIA+ is an initialism that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Asexual, Ally + Other Identities. Love has forms and validating one while excluding another would contradict love’s inclusive, compassionate character. It is the energy embodying the emotional and chemical attraction between two people. The intense mutual yearnings of two souls felt strong, it is excruciating to be put in a place of constant struggle to experience love liberally. Different is not to be feared, instead, it is to be embraced like all others because at the end of the day: there is no “other”. Taboos obeying social constructs deem discrimination against LGBTQIA+ personas acceptable in the eyes of millions and this miseducation sows the seeds of separation between groups. Some displays of discrimination include physical attack, sexual assault, torture, killing. To go further, in several countries, laws against cross-dressing are used to punish transgender people based on their gender identity and expression. How could hatred find a medium around such a spectacular phenomenon called love? Regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, every person deserves to feel safe, respected, and loved in an intimate relationship.


Beril Esen