Lions Won the London Derby!

Chelsea and Tottenham shared their trump card in the 23rd week of the English Premier League. Referee Tierney whistled in the match played at Stamford Bridge. The home team won the London derby 2-0 and got 3 points. Hakim Ziyech and Thiago Silva scored the winning goals for Chelsea. With this result, Chelsea increased their score to 47. Tottenham had 36 points. Secondly, Galatasaray hosted Trabzonspor at NEF Stadium in the huge match of the 23rd week of the Super League. Having been defeated for 3 consecutive matches in the league, the yellow-red team was defeated 2-1 by conceding 2 goals in the last 6 minutes, despite being ahead of Trabzonspor for a long time. Galatasaray's goal came from Cicaldau's foot in the 31st minute from the penalty spot. The victory brought the leader Trabzonspor the goals of Bakasetas in the 84th minute and Visca's goals in the 90th minute. With this defeat, Galatasaray had only 1 win in the last 12 games. Galatasaray, who had their fourth defeat in a row in the league, had 27 points. The leader Trabzonspor increased its score to 54 by playing the undefeated streak in 7 games. 15. Halil 2, who got the ball in the throw-in used by Boey in the second minute, got away from his opponent and entered the penalty area from the right diagonal. The goalkeeper Uğurcan dominated the ball in this player's place kick. Kerem Aktürkoğlu, who met the ball in the penalty area in the 29th minute, was dropped by Denswil while he was giving the pass. After the VAR warning, the referee Atilla Karaoğlan watched the position again and showed the penalty spot. Cicaldau, who took the ball in the penalty shot won by Kerem Aktürkoğlu in the 31st minute, sent his team forward by sending the leather ball to the opposite corner of the goalkeeper. In the 39th minute, the ball, which Trabzonspor's defense wanted to remove, remained in Berkan Kutlu. The ball that hit Hugo in the hard shot of this football player from outside the penalty area went directly to the goal. Uğurcan, who remained on the counter pipe, however, managed to slap the ball into the corner at the last moment.

Amath M'Baye, who had a positive coronavirus test, could not play in Pınar Karşıyaka, who played two games in a row against Lenovo Tenerife in the Play-In stage of the FIBA Champions League during the week and said goodbye to Europe. In Karşıyaka, the PCR tests of Sinan Aksoylar from the technical team, General Manager Selim Çınar and Team Manager Emin Saraç from the administrative staff resulted in positive results. Blackmon, who was injured under the basket in the first half in Karşıyaka, where Semih Erden and Roll had surgery, could not continue the match, while Colson contributed 20 points, Tyus 17 points and Can Korkmaz 15 points. Anadolu Efes was also able to come to the away game with a team of 10. At the beginning of the match, both teams scored points from under the basket, and Karşıyaka, which was effective with Burak Can, Tyus and Colson, took the lead and increased the difference up to 7 points. The first period ended 25-21. At the beginning of the second period, the hosts made the lead with 31-21 up to 10 points, but the guest team, who melted the gap with Micic and Simon, caught the equality 37-37 with Egemen's layup with 45 seconds left in the half. The first half ended with this basket.Anadolu Efes was the side that took the lead and opened the gap in the third period. Even though the difference was 6 points, Karşıyaka responded with Can Korkmaz's baskets one after the other and equalized the score again. The fourth period started with 56-54 Anadolu Efes superiority. Karsiyaka, who took the lead again with the critical baskets of Tyus, Berkan and Taylor under the basket in the last period and found the 7-point advantage, did not let his opponent catch him again and left the hall with a 78-73 victory.


Deniz Yiğit Aydın