Latest Event: Paris Fashion Week!

In the last previous weeks, Paris Fashion Week met with audience in the memory of Virgil Abloh. His brand, Off-White, opened the show. Even though his absence, it has been seen that every detail contained his reflection.

World-famous fashion houses, represented their winter/spring collections, such as; Chanel, Jacquemeus, Fendi. One of the most attention-grabbing innovations came from Dior, which is its jacket, yet it is not an ordinary jacket. It includes airbag technology and transistors to develop gear that protects your body and helps regulate body temperature. “The future enters us long before it happens,” the Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke once said. It is predicted that more fashion brands will collaborate with technology in their collections.

Zeynep Erol


Valentino is one of the other brands, that takes up a place at Paris Fashion Week. Valentino’s new Fall/ Winter 2022-23 Collection garnered a lot of attention from people. Valentino Pink PP Collection featured an all-pink monochrome world. This specific pink was created with Pantone by Pier Paolo Piccioli of Valentino. The show included 48 pink looks and 33 black looks. The main reason why the color pink stands out in this show is that pink is the color of love, community, energy, and freedom. Maison Valentino mentions that “ Pink is a form of freedom that exists maybe nowhere else in the realm of color.”

Zendaya gives an exclusive look at the monochrome pink world of Maison’s latest collection. She attended the event with her glowy copper hair and glamorous makeup. Her make-up included cat-eye eyeliner and pink glossier. For her look, she wore a pink neon blazer and matching pants with floral accents. She completes her look with thick gold hoop earrings and necklaces accessories. With her look, she proved that wearing one color is not never have to look boring. Also, Valentino shared Zendaya's outfit on their social accounts.

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