Deforestation Reaches Its Top Point

  • Brazil's Amazon rainforest is facing its highest deforestation in 15 years. The Amazon forests are home to more than 3 million plant and animal species and approximately one million natives live in the forests. It is also one of the most vital sources of slowing global warming by trapping carbon.

  • Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (INPE) stated, deforestation increased by 22% in a year. According to the most recent information, approximately 13,235 square kilometers of forest area in the Amazon were destroyed in 2020-2021, it is the highest loss recorded since 2006.

  • A research published last week by Brazilian and American scientists, a warmer and dryer climate has forced 28% of Amazonian agricultural land out of its ideal temperature parameters. The study claims, 51% of the region's agricultural land will lose its perfect climate by 2030, and 74% of farms will lose their ideal climate by 2060.

  • As BBC stated, Brazilian Environment Minister Joaquim Leite indicated that the government had to be "more forceful in relation to these crimes."

  • At the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), held in Glasgow, Scotland, Brazil signed the agreement committing to stopping deforestation. In return, 14 billion dollars of public and private funds will be provided to the countries. Part of this funding will be spent on regenerating degraded forest areas, fighting fires, and supporting indigenous peoples in developing countries.


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