How to Create an Ideal Company

In this post, we will talk about only one question. How should an ideal company be like? This article can be used as a manuel for anyone who wish to create a company in any sort.


Compared to the other topics, planning is actually the easiest one. The reason is because putting something into action is more difficult than planning it. A plan has no meaning if there is no outcome. First, you have to decide on a main goal. After you have decided why you are going to create your company, you have to plan what you are going to do and how much successful you want to be. During the time when you are planning everything for your company, you have to be very careful because missing a single detail, may lead to a big failure in your career, which will eventually makes the process longer of achieving your goal. So do not rush anything, take your time and think about every topic in detail so you can be satisfied in the future. Examples can be about technology (with creating the most useful and qualified products globally), healthcare (creating medicines that everyone can afford and be a new hope for people suffering from illnesses), management (being a leader and becoming one of the best companies that are famous with building up a new company and helping people who need support at managing their own work). Only a well-planned company can become a successful one in the future.


Even though we call the people in our company employees, we actually have to be a team. A team that works together is far more successful than a group of people where everyone works on their own. Of course, everyone would have their own responsibilities, but it is important to be cooperating and help each other find the task that is suitable for them. By saying that a team is more successful than people who work on their own, we shouldn’t misunderstand this statement. A team has to improve itself too, if they want to be better. Team members have to be discussing with each other and finding solutions to issues that they encounter while working on a project. A team, with cooperating team members, is what we are looking for. Only people who can work in a team can help you at making your company better. If everyone was doing their tasks on their own, without communicating with people around them, nobody would be aware of what is happening around them. And this would lead to chaos, where nothing can be linked to something else. To the honor of our name, the Kaizen philosophy can be used to build strong relationships between team members.

To be continued:

Creating a company has many steps where each of them require a significant amount of time and effort. These are 2 small features that are the beginning of this journey; however, I will pursue covering this topic in the next articles and we will dive deeper into the sea of countless ways of business, taking insights into many useful information.


Ali Yetgin