Highlighting the Trend: Dark Academia

Thanks to social media, we can keep in touch with new trends and innovations. Previously, Dark Academia has been integrated into our lives. Firstly, “Dark Academia” mostly tends on: Oxford shirts, trenchcoats, trousers, and with its scotch plaid pattern since the middle 19th century. As a reflection of its name, this trend places dark colors into its center. Donna Tartt’s “The Secret History”, is accepted as the beginning of this stream.

Zeynep Erol

In many ways, Dark Academia parallels Gothcore; they're similar in that they're both moody aesthetics centered around, for lack of a better term, dark elements. In simplest terms, you could think of Dark Academia as prep school fashion with a gothic twist. However, more than a dark vibe, Dark Academia is mostly focused on art that has a vintage vibe. Dead Poets Society, Kill Your Darlings, The Theory of Everything, and Testament of Youth are films like these are among the productions that can be watched to get inspiration about the dark academia trend.

Bera Çağıl Karalı