Google Introduced the Android Earthquake Warning System in Turkey

Google announced the details of their “Android Earthquake Warning System” with an online press conference. According to the information given about the system at the meeting, Google develops the Android Earthquake Warning System with the help of its worldwide scale, detecting earthquakes and warning Android users.

The system detects shaking and sends alerts to Android users in the affected area by using accelerometers found on most of the more than 3 billion Android smartphones. With this system, Android phones with accelerometers can turn into a mini seismometer when plugged in and completely motionless, detecting earthquakes and sending warnings to users.

The Android Earthquake Warning System takes advantage of the phone's existing technology, and works on all Android OS 5.0 and above phones with device location and "Earthquake Alerts" turned on. Users who do not want to receive early earthquake warnings can disable the "Earthquake Alerts" option in their device settings.

According to the information given, the link planned to be placed in the warnings in the system towards the end of the year, will allow users to go to AFAD's (Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency) website immediately after receiving the earthquake warning and they will be able to access the necessary information such as earthquake details and correct action that must be done when that earthquake happens.


Alpartun Günhan