Globalization Through Tiktok and Its Effects on the Community

Globalization through social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok have played an essential role in the growth and validation of the LGBTQIA+ community, opening a whole new chapter in its evolution. Looking at the social networking service featuring short videos called “Tiktok”(originally named “Douyin”), it provided a virtual safe space for people of the community to socialize via.

TikTok became the world's top SNS app download number (Photo: Imaginechina/Afro)

Tiktok is not only a platform open to free forms of self-expression, whether it be including a dance video or a rant on universal political issues, it is also a meeting place for like-minded people of similar interests. Due to fear of judgment and exclusion in society, many people avoid expressing themselves and being like themselves, but with the influence of social practices, people have found a community. Tiktok contributed to this “wave of revelation” immensely by gathering members of the community. For instance, this app has encouraged thousands of people to come out and be open about their preferences by presenting examples of others who were “out” already. Since coming out is a challenge on its own considering the acceptance or positive reaction of the family, which sometimes lead to rejecting their child, shared stories on Tiktok helped the process and relieved a bit of stress. Another example of the short video app helping the community could be that it poses as emotional support for people with divergent mindsets. Piercings, tattoos or extraordinary hairstyles that are not so welcomed out on the streets have their own accepting grounds on this app which makes these out of the ordinary “artists” feel appreciated like any other.


Beril Esen