Getting Deep Into the New Year’s Fashion Tips

As soon as the Christmas season started to approach, shiny and chic pieces started to takeover jeans and joggers’ place. The Harper’s Bazaar’s editing team has been doing research to get to know celebrities and fashion experts’ tips about the night. Christmas is standing in a major place for the people who have been answered the questions. According to their answer, their childhood and rituals are continuing parallel to each other. Thus, they value their rituals and habits on each Christmas day.

Zeynep Erol

The best way to toast the New Year According to Model Aube Jolicoeur is:

“If you had asked me about my NYE plans two to three years ago, it would have been safe to say I would be dressing up and going out to a club until 3 a.m. These days, with a two-year-old at home, I’m more likely to stay in or have a small gathering or theme party (still dressed up, of course!). I love to host dinner parties, so it’s only fitting that I make one happen for NYE! My NYE plans usually come together at the last minute, so I can’t say for sure what I’ll be up to this NYE besides toasting to the New Year with my family.”

Besides some exceptions, we can relate that she prefers to remain faithful to her childhood rituals in her New year periods. With the help of her New Year's advice, you can make new additions to your own tradition.

Here are some advice/tips from Aube Jolicoeur:

1- Always have food in the house

2- champagne is a great idea

3- Plan for an Uber/Lyft or public transit (no driving to prevent an accident)

4- Keep ginger tea on hand just in case you toasted it a few too many times the night before.

Don’t forget the have fun in your own traditional New Year with your stylish clothes!

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