Getting Deep Into the Golfcore Trend

As it is realizable there are many types of trends, and they are evolving day by day. Some trends’ inspiration points are variable such as; sports, jobs, and fests. The newest trend “Golfcore”, constitutes the main theme of it. Golf is an unreachable sport compared to others, but it makes us people imagine the cliche style of golf.

Zeynep Erol

Golf, which is not as accessible as other sports, is also the main theme of our newest trend, Golfcore. Although historically one of the least diverse sports, this trend in a way changes the stereotypical image that comes to our minds when it comes to golf. It's also not hard to guess when it comes to which tracks are featured in Golfcore. With the white and cream colors taking the leading role, pleated mini skirts, V-neck sweaters, polo-neck t-shirts and sporty hats form the essence of the trend.

Bera Çağıl Karalı