Game Changer, Game Saver: Blazers

Blazer (noun): a type of unisex jacket that has a tough fabric



The term and the idea of blazers formed from the Lady Margeret Boat Club which was located in Cambridge. Later, it was worn by HMS Blazer’s crew members. Striped blazers continued their popularity during the 1960s and 1970s because of the British Mod movement. In any case, they got beyond their discovery, and beyond sports clubs, only to become a common piece of clothing in modern fashion.


Blazers come in a variety of colors and are worn as part of school uniforms. Each culture has shaped its own school blazer in a unique way. For example, British students gave the clothing its first rebirth in the 1950s. “It became fashionable to have your initials in Roman characters on the breast pocket,” says Mickey Modern from London. Apart from school attire, blazers are the prominent and visible images of formality. From job interviews to conferences, people resort to blazers for a professional look.


  • Giorgio Armani presented his first collection of unstructured men's blazers in 1975.

  • The blazer was worn by students at major institutions such as Princeton, Harvard, Cornell, and Yale, and is still a symbol of the “elite”.

  • In June 1893, the blazer had its debut appearance in Vogue.

  • The blazer became a statement garment to wear over an evening dress between 2006 and 2011 by Balmain.

  • ZARA blazers have received customers' price-performance approval. It is the address of quality and also affordable blazers.

Princess of Blazers

Princess Diana is a tremendous example of someone who attracts attention with her style of clothing. Ger great assistants, blazers, were the indispensable part of her wardrobe. These blazers, which she combined with various colors and textures, both drew an image “worthy” of the royal family and also proved that she has taste. Even today, celebrities like Kendal Jenner and Hailey Bieber look up to her style and get inspiration.

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As the Milan Fashion Week 2022 continues its marvelous shows, fits with blazer pieces catch the eye of the audience.



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