Euphoria of Hunter Schafer

Hunter Schafer takes on her first acting role in HBO’s boundary-pushing drama Euphoria as Jules Vaughn, and on the fourth episode (season 1), the show dives into her character’s past and current traumas.

In the course of the episode, the audience learns that Jules suffered from depression as a child and was forced into a mental hospital by her mother, eventually leading to a suicide attempt. After leaving the facility, she began to transition into a woman, and in high school, she slept in a constant stream of married and unavailable men as an emotional escape. It seems that it finally stopped when she met Tyler online and soon fell in love with him, but it really pretended that Nate was her dream man and blackmailed her about sleeping with his father. Knowing that he had threatened her to keep, Jules was comforted by her best friend Rue and after that, there was a passionate kiss between the two. It's very unlikely that real-life, transgender, and queer Hunter Schafer will begin to analyze her sexuality as she describes the transformation of a girl with a dramatic background and her feelings for Lou turn into mutual love. It's impressive.


Beril Esen