Erasing Gender Inequality and Race in Fashion With the Help of Celebrities!

Blackness and genders are being separated in fashion too, unfortunately like all parts of life. Even though there are black stylists, models, celebrities, and successful people on the stage, there is still racial discrimination in the fashion industry. By the time, the campaign “Black Lives Matter” has started, there are some improvements and processes has been occurred in this field. Stylist and branding consultant Amanda Murray indicates: I was born in the Caribbean, and I wouldn’t say that the Caribbean is very fashion-centric. Growing up, it was very clear to me that I was connected to fashion and that is what I used as a medium to express myself. In the Caribbean, fashion aligns with the way of life there, which is simple. It isn’t driven by brand names or luxury companies. Seeing the drama, the colors, the flair … it called me. I didn’t choose it, it chose me.”

She expressed some of the obstacles she faced when she was entering the industry. For instance, James Flemons is a famous designer -who works with Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, Lizzo-, “It was really important for me to make like a safe space of just like genderless or nonbinary clothing that very much just speaks to your identity and gives room for anyone to feel comfortable, to explore that — whether gay, straight, nonbinary, Black, white, brown, whatever,” Flemons said. “You can find something that fits into this world that you can express yourself in.” These kind of supporting and motivating motives of designers are so meaningful for the people who feels uncomfortable with their gender, race, and language.


Zeynep Erol