Education on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Schools

In today's society, hate speech due to homophobia, bullying, exclusion, mental and physical harm, especially in systems such as schools, restrict and even endanger the lives of LGBT individuals. The reason why individuals are exposed to homophobia and all other disturbing attitudes at school is that students do not have enough or even no knowledge about gender identity and gender orientation. In order to prevent such actions, there should be presentations, activities and even lessons on these subjects. First of all, these courses should be given at the beginning of high school, because enough maturity will be gained to discover oneself and to show understanding to the other side, and unnecessary stereotypes about individuals will be eliminated. The topics of gender orientation and identity should be added to the curriculum of courses like sex education and passed on to students by professional psychologists because even one wrong thought can change the whole school's understanding. In these lessons, LGBT individuals can socialize and people can discover themselves while students with the potential to be a bully can also become allies thanks to empathy and correct expression so that open community individuals who want to open up can feel comfortable in their life. I wholeheartedly support the necessity of these lessons because after a quick look at our generation, teenagers approach each other and grown-ups with prejudice and hatred. Lessons on these topics can change their perspective and teach them to be a little more human.


Beril Esen