Do You Listen to Girl in Red?

Girl in Red is the indie-pop music project of Norwegian singer-songwriter and record producer Marie Ulven Ringheim. The Norwegian singer-songwriter gained a fanatical fanbase online over the past few years for her bedroom pop anthems about queer romance and mental health. The name of her project, girl in red, stems from the nostalgia of a teenage crush. In 2017, Ulven officially began the project, garnering a dedicated audience off of songs like "girls," a hazy lo-fi pop anthem about having feelings for girls, and "summer depression," which details the realities of summertime sadness. Girl in red has become a queer icon, reflecting her deep feelings for girls to her listeners with songs like "watch you sleep.", "girls", "i wanna be your girlfriend", "we fell in love in october". There is even a pattern to ask if the other party likes girls without being obvious, "do you listen to girl in red?" even this is proof of how important she is to the LGBT community. Ulven reveals what it's like being viewed as a queer icon, how her music has helped the LGBTQ community, and the catharsis of making music. Don't forget to listen to the latest album of girl in red, who once again stole the hearts of all queers with her new album "if i could make it go quiet"!


Beril Esen