Deers Have Been Diagnosed With Omicron

In the last 2 years, Covid has always succeeded at being a mystery to us humans. Just when we thought we knew everything, it surprised us with various variants. Omicron has been proved to be one of the most rapidly spreading variants of the Covid-19. However this time, it is not a question of how fast, it is a question of to whom?

There are around 30 million white-tailed deers in the US currently. This medium-sized beautiful species will be remembered in history by being the first animal kind to be infected by the Omicron variant. It has recently been discovered by the researchers at Penn State University that numerous white-tailed deers that live on Staten Island in New York have been tested positive with the Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2. It was a surprise because this was the first discovery of the virus in animals besides humans. In 2020 and 2021, there have been several cases where animals tested positive for Covid yet, the Omicron variant is more transmissible than any other variant. Also the deers are ecologically the prey for many predators, including leopards and cheetahs, resulting in the rapid spread of the virus. This worries people who live in close areas with deers. 5 out of 68 deers that they tested were infected with Omicron and this outcome caused the rise of lots of questions. How was it transmitted to a deer? Are they capable of passing it among themselves? Most importantly, is it contagious to humans?

One of the most surprising parts is that few of the deers not only had Covid but also had the antibodies. This shows that those animals had had the virus before, created immunity to it, and then became reinfected. Further research should be conducted.

In conclusion, for now, the biggest concern isn't whether the deer will increase the rate of Omicron's spread, according to the Penn State authors. Instead, we need to take into consideration whether a deer can turn this virus into an even more dangerous variant.


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