Coffee and Gene Relations

Coffee & Life: Coffee was first discovered in the 9th-century by Ethiopian goat-herder Kaldi and since then it has been an essential drink for a lot of people. There are tons of different coffee recipes with different flavors for people with different tastes and it is a huge part of Turkish culture as we know.

Coffee is extremely significant for a number of people because it helps them feel less tired, more energized, and ready to get going. Studies show that people who drink coffee on a daily basis don’t stop after one cup. With the consumption of big amounts of caffeine, some questions about its effect on the human body occur in people’s minds. Almost everyone is already aware of the physical effects of coffee however the recent research in Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands shows that coffee may have more than only a physical effect on the human body. It cannot go as far as changing our DNA, however, it is able to affect the way our genes express themselves. This doesn’t mean the outcomes of regular coffee consumption are positive or negative. In conclusion, this is just an idea that has not been fully reserved by other medical centers. Just remember that it is powerful enough to have an effect on our hereditary material.


Müge Cıllı