Big Loss For The Fashion Industry: Virgil Abloh

Last week, fashion followers and most of the people around the world were outraged, as a reason for Virgil Abloh’s death. For the people, who hear his name for the first time; Virgil is the founder and creative director of the brand “Off White.” Previously, he worked as a designer for Louis Vuitton.

Zeynep Erol

(Virgil Abloh) - Louis Vuitton

The reason for Virgil’s death is a rare type of cancer, cardiac angiosarcoma, which he decided to fight in silence. After Virgil passed away, his last show for Louis Vuitton spring/summer collection was staged in Miami on November 30th, under the “Virgil Was Here” headline. In addition, Louis Vuitton shared an emotional video on their Instagram and Youtube accounts by referring to “Louis Vuitton pays tribute to the life and legacy of a creative genius”.

Many of his close friends didn’t forget to share their condolences on various social media platforms. We, as the Fashion Corner authors, want to we express our condolences to his family and friends. His absence will surely be noticed.

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