An Innocent Massage Gone Wrong

Catherine Nettles Cutter who was having a good time during a Fourth of July massage with a friend at a Pennsylvania spa suddenly felt a horrible pain on the side of her neck into her collarbone. That loud crack caused by the massage altered her life for good.

The masseuse after turning Cutter’s head from side to side uttered” Whoa”. She suggested that Catherine who is a food microbiologist for a living should give physical therapy a chance because it may benefit her flexibility.

After the massage was done, Cutter, 56, got off the table and did not feel anything unusual. However at 7 am the next day when she woke up, she was feeling extremely light-headed and almost couldn't hear anything from her right ear however her left ear hearing wasn't affected.

Cutter said, “The room was spinning, and the vertigo was so bad I couldn’t open my eyes.”

Several experts in three different states spent around a year trying to determine what made her become this way. After many tests and numerous procedures, Cutter feels so much better.

Omar A. Choudhri who is a neurosurgeon at the University of Pennsylvania and one of the specialists who treated her stated “Cutter's is a very complicated and unusual case.”

This incident wasn’t the first time Cutter was in a situation like this. In 2010, she underwent a difficult surgery to repair her voice after a bodysurfing accident.


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