All-Star Game: East vs. West

Nowadays NBA fans are in excitement about the All-Star game which is going to be held between February 18th-20th. This years’ teams are chosen by the Captains. Lebron James as an 18-time All-Star player is the captain of the West Conference team. And Kevin Durant is the captain of the East Conference team. Here are the lists for the teams.


Stephen Curry

Nikola Jokic

Lebron James

Ja Morant

Andrew Wiggins


Giannis Antetokounmpo

Demar Derozan

Kevin Durant

Joel Embiid

Trae Young

%56 of the fans think that Team Lebron is going to win the game. But in all-star games, unexpected things can happen anytime. So it is neither a certain win nor a certain loss for both teams. Reserves for the teams will be chosen on 3rd February. There is also going to be a slam dunk contest on the 19th of February. The audience will be watching some spectacular dunks for the whole contest.


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