A Whole New World: Metaverse

You may have heard about this new concept that will soon make its entrance into our world, but I am sure you still have not noticed how it will surely affect the way we live our lives. Metaverse, or it could be called as the beginning of Web 3.0, consists of the combination of two notions: Meta, which means beyond; and the universe(verse), which could define our cosmos, and here we have it, metaverse, beyond the universe. It basically means a collaborative community of online worlds combining physical reality with augmented and virtual reality. In other words, it is kind of an environment where you can spend your time hanging out with your friends, traveling, shopping, and working. Actually, we are partly having this experience with the games we play with or without virtual reality and its tremendous features, or with the apps that are supported augmented reality like our Bitmojis in Snapchat, or the universes created by cinematography sectors like the Marvel Universe that includes some fantastic characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, etc. However, I am talking about a whole different kind of universe, a far cry from all of them. Another one that involves all these universes I counted, a technological masterpiece. It could be thought of as a tunnel that combines your characters in different kinds of games you play. You can imagine this as teleporting yourself as a Fortnite character to the character you created in Roblox. In another saying, you can visit different universes in the metaverse as we are visiting different websites on the internet. That’s why we can also call it Web 3.0. Can you imagine this kind of a new universe with the help of technology? If the internet exists and we can do such things, why couldn’t we expand it and develop it into a whole new world, creating a “metaverse”?


Alpartun Günhan