A Strip of Paper vs. Drugs

Drug abuse: Drug use is a sensitive subject that is now more common than ever. Some people use drugs to escape from their horrible life, some use them to just have fun, and some of them don’t realize the seriousness of being an active drug user. Regardless of the reason, a portion of these people become addicted to feeling ecstatic and high. That is why a lot of scientists are working hard to come up with some solutions to prevent drug overdose.

The strip test: They can’t control the number of drugs people take however they can help them be more aware of what they are taking. Therefore, they came up with a strip of paper that has been created to detect fentanyl which is one of the deadliest drugs in the world and is 50 times more dangerous than heroin. It is really easy and cheap to mass-produce. These strips can detect if there is any amount of fentanyl mixed in with the other milder.

How to supply: The strip is around two inches, not more than a dollar, and can be supplied easily from websites such as Amazon.

How to use: When you dip the test in the solution that includes the drug you want to test mixed with some water, it is able to show the results in a couple of minutes. If the test shows one line it means the drug contains fentanyl, if it shows two, it doesn’t.


Müge Cıllı


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