A Better Understanding

Sexism, homophobia, etc. start to form after a person is born. It is not about genetics. Family, friends, teachers, environment… These are the actual factors that affect and establish one’s personality. It shows how essential it is to educate or at least try to inform any people as possible so that they can avoid being bad influences. To give a better explanation of about failed education, here’s an example of it. In my words, it is pretty easy to explain what homophobia is. It means “not respecting someone’s decisions about their love interest and identity.” As it was mentioned in previous lines of this paragraph, the lack of respect is what was shown to that person thorough their entire life which means it is also not directly their fault. Regardless, recently, people started supporting it better which caused a bigger awareness about the rights of someone in the LGBTQ+ community. Happily, more people are educated and informed about these and started to break out of stereotypes.


Alçin Tekinalp