A Beautiful Sight to See

The Internet’s Power: In the past few decades, the internet has had more power than humans could ever imagine. It is able to do things that people are not capable of any more such as raising awareness. This time, in the medical field.

The Unique Image: An image by a Nigerian illustrator and medical student Chidiebere Ibe went viral on the internet this past week. It was an image of a fetus in a womb. “What makes this medical image so special?” you might ask. The reason it attracted the attention of people is that the fetus in this picture has a darker skin tone.

The Lack of Diversity: With the spread of this photo, a realization surrounded people. How they have never seen this kind of representation before. They realize how incredibly rare it is to see an illustration of a Balck fetus or a Black pregnant lady in the medical sources.

The Point is Made!: The creator Chidiebere Ibe stated that he didn’t expect such interest in his illustration, he just wanted to do what he is passionate about. On the other hand, he also made a huge statement. He inspired thousands of people and revealed a major flaw in the medical illustration field. The lack of Black and Brown representation. In conclusion, the lack of variety in medical illustrations came into the open with this situation.


Illustration: Chidiebere Ibe


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