Technology Performing Art?

In this week's special edition, we will evaluate the artwork created by AI. It sounds weird, right? 

Background Knowledge

Dream is an application generated by WOMBO, a mobile operating system. As they claim, it is possible to create a beautiful piece of painting in seconds. First of all, you need to download the app. Then you will choose a prompt, which will be considered in the formation of the artwork, and the rest is on the AI. 


We decided to use our name, The Kaizen Journal, for the prompt required. The result is shockingly spectacular. The colors, the figures... everything is vivid, mystic, and dream-like.
It took us to a fantastic world!

How to?

You can enjoy this experience by either downloading the app or using their website.

Other Artworks


Prompt: Paris


Prompt: Watermelon Sugar


Prompt: Mathematics

Corner Author: Melis Ata